Thursday, October 8, 2009

Featured Blog - Be In Style

As a shopaholic, I am always looking for smart shopping tips. I believe you can be stylish and save money.

The blog Be In Style gives advice on fashion and beauty from such topics as fashionable jeans for fall to finding the right pair of shoes. My favourite part is the Tip Center. They one that I am most interested in are the useful handbag tips. I can use some of the advice, specifically "How Much Should Your Handbag Weigh?"
I appreciate that some posts are done by guest bloggers, therefore you are getting an honest opinion about a product.

Be In Style:

Handbags Tip Center:

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Dee Zyner said...

Well I am a shopaholic as well! Like u, i try to be frugal most of the time to feed my shopaholic tendencies.

Thus I consider myself to have a well-balanced mixture of two opposite extremes.