Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celtic Key Necklace

It is not the Tiffany Key necklace, but I loved it at first sight. I went to Winners to do some shopping - clothing, shoes, handbag. However, the only thing that I bought was the first item I saw when I walked into the store. It was this sterling silver Celtic Key Necklace from Teocalli. Teocalli is Mayan for "House of Creative Energy". I need some of that.  The necklace cost $29.99.


FB @ said...

Simple but elegant!

Anonymous said...

The Teocalli Celtic Key Necklace would
make such a lovely gift. I'd like to give
one to my sister if you can tell me
where I can find one!

The Bag Lady said...

I live in Toronto. I purchased the necklace at a store called Winners. I do not know what other stores sell the Teocalli Celtic Key Necklace. You may want to do a Google search.