Sunday, December 5, 2010

Am I A Reformed Shopaholic?

I received yet another "By Invitation Only" card from Coach for the holiday season. I did not get a chance to use the last invitation, so I decided that I would purchase something for my birthday.

I went into the Coach store in the Yorkdale mall last week to look at some of the items that I was interested in buying. I really like the Madison Leather Large Sophia Satchel bag. The bag would cost $398 less the 25% discount. The invitation is good until December 12, 2010, so I still have time.

Since the last One of A Kind Show in the Spring I kept thinking about the Hoi Bo bag that I saw. I had planned to return to the show and make the purchase. Well I went to the One of A Kind Christmas Show yesterday, but I did not buy the bag. I did not even go to the booth. I found it hard to spend that much money on a bag that is made from cotton. 

I did not spend much at the show. Of course I had to get my Skinlicious soap and the Vanilla Fudge Body Meringue from Spa Sisters.

I am still searching for the perfect gift for my 40th birthday.

I was once an impulsive shopper, but recently I put more thought into what I am going to buy.


rubanxrose said...

Not reformed, for sure, you just have different priorities. Do I have to remind you how much you spend on mascaras?

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...


The Septic Tank Blog said...

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