Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UPS Brokerage C.O.D.

I have been in bed with the flu flor the last couple of days. This morning to my surprise UPS was at the door with the Coach Bag that I won. I was called to the door as there was a problem. I was in my pajamas and was not wearing my glasses. I was informed that the driver was expecting payment of $106.82 for import charges. I was not told that I had to make any payments towards an item that I had won. The UPS driver told me that I could refuse the package and that it would be held in Toronto for one week and then returned. I told him that I would refuse the package. I immediately emailed Catherine from That's a Fabulous Handbag. She responded back 45 minutes later with the following response:
You're kidding! We were told you would have to pay a $20 import tax of some sort. We don't have those sort of taxes/charges in the US, so I had no idea it was so high. That's ridiculous. Now I know why many contests are for US citizens only!
I'm sorry, but we will have to give the bag to another winner.
Best Regards,

A word of advice to Canadian's that enter U.S. contests - DON'T. I am very angry about the situation. So far 2009 sucks!!!!

P.S. I bought the Coach Op Art Large Sabrina below for my birthday/Christmas gift to myself a couple of weeks ago. Good thing I did not return it when I found out I won the other bag. It is quite beautiful. Time to save for my next trip.


Nahlène said...

hey i m in the similar situation as yours... i bought a Voltage adapter for $26.99 CAD on eBay and they charged me for $21.00 for that brokerage fee something... i asked the seller and they told me i m actually lucky, there were guys that had been charged for $60 for a $30 value item.. actually i mean, only 1/3 of the charge is for the custom, the others are the fee for UPS which i have confirmed. I think next time you won something outside Canada, ask them to ship via regular postal dilivery or other express companies. NEVER ups... ps. hope you recover from the flu soon:)

The Bag Lady said...

I think that if I did not purchase the other bag I might have paid the $106 brokerage fees. I am very happy with my bag. I was just so excited about winning something.

Thanks for the advice. Also, I am slowly getting over the flu.