Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holt Renfrew - The Designer Sale

I received an email from Holt Renfrew informing me of a sale. My first thought was what new bag could I get. I decided to take a detour on my way home to check out the bags at the store.  Some women love shoes - not me. I love bags. I wandered through the store to the bag section. The bags that were on sale were on tables. There were some nice bags, but nothing that really interested me. I need a bag that can hold all of the items I carry in purse, which is a lot. There were Chloe bags, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Coach a long with many other designers. Whenever I saw an ad for a Chloe bag in a magazine my mouth would drop. The bags are so beautiful. Even on sale the bag was out of my price range. I cannot afford to pay $1000 for a bag unless I won the lottery.

Save up to 40% at the Holt Renfrew Designer sale on from May 26th to June 19th on selected men's and women's spring designer fashions and accessories.

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