Saturday, September 12, 2009

TIFF Update - Day 3

It is day three of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), but day one for me.

I watched two films today - City of Life and Death and Women Without Men. I spent six hours in the Scotiabank Theatre. I left the first film and got in line for the second. I like to get a good seat.

I realized that it will be hard to eat healthy this week. Too many temptations. I have $25 on my Starbucks card. Hopefully, that is enough for the week.

The Days Events...

1. People need to have more manners. A man yelled at a woman today because he thought that she was saving seats. Actually someone else had left their items on their seat and either went to get a snack or use the washroom. This happened at the screening of Women Without Men.

2. I passed MuchMusic on my way to the subway and there was a crowd outside. Too small for the Jonas Brothers. It was Drew Barrymore at Etalk for an interview. I could not see her, but I heard her voice. I could not get a picture. Happy to see sunlight. Did not stick around.

3. In the subway station I saw a man in a tuxedo holding a bridal veil. Not something you see everyday.

4. A man was carrying a package of bed sheets. Pay the 5 cents and buy a bag.

Note to self: the knapsack was not comfortable. Need a new bag.

No films on Sunday. My day of rest. Monday...Precious.

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