Monday, November 2, 2009

Oprah's Shoe, Handbag and Accessory Intervention

I haven't watched Oprah in a long time, but I found today's episode interesting. It was a shoe, handbag and accessory intervention.

I don't need a handbag or accessory intervention. Shoes on the other hand are a problem for me. While watching the show I thought about the pair of shoes I wear several times a week. I am too embarrassed to take a picture. My look is perfect until you look at my feet.

They put several of the women in heels. That is not happening in my world. A kitten heel is as high as I will go. Too much pain and not able to fit my orthotics.

What shoe every woman needs:

  • kitten heel 
  • flat shoe
  • evening shoe
  • every shoe (sleek sneaker)
  • tall boot
  • all-weather boot for winter
I guess I need to do some shopping. Luckily I already have a tall boot that I purchased in September. I forgot that I still need to get a all-weather winter boot before it starts to snow.

The boot of the season: Over the knee boot. Not for me. They don't make boots with that much fabric.

These are the handbag violations they found on everyday women on the street:

  • multiple bags 
  • patterns for everyday use
  • novelty bags 
  • utilitarian backpacks

On most days I carry two bags to work. One is my purse and the other holds my gym clothes. They cannot fit into one bag.  I travel on the bus and subway.  The alternative they had for the backpack was a messenger bag. I am still searching for a great backpack and messenger bag. I should think about getting rid of my Tokidoki LeSportsac bags.

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