Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Cougar Experience

Last Tuesday I arrived home to the words "there is a package for you." I was so excited. I was awaiting the arrival of my boots courtesy of Matchstick and Cougar Shoes. I am one of only 85 influencers in Canada to receive the exclusive Cougar kit.

The Cougar kit included:
  • 1 pair of winter Cougar boots
  • 1 pair of rain Cougar boots
  • 1 Cougar mug
  • 1 Cougar sweater
  • 4 Cougar hot chocolate packages
Receiving the package was definitely the highlight of my day.  When I opened the two boxes I was very happy with my choices. The boots were gorgeous. I could not wait to wear them. They are definitely not the cougar boots that I remember from my childhood. I could not stop talking
about them the next day at work. By the end of the week I think most people that I worked with knew about the boots.

I wore the rain boots last week. I received many compliments. They are so cute. I was extremely happy with the winter boots. I have large calves and can never find boots that would fit. I wore them today and received more compliments. Awesome!!!

Style: TIBET


These are the perfect boots for surviving a Canadian winter. Best of all they are insulated and will keep my feet warm.

Thank you Matchstick and Cougar Shoes.

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Anonymous said...

nice boots - don't become obsessed. LJA