Thursday, November 11, 2010


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One thing that every woman should do is get a bra fitting. Many women are walking around wearing the wrong bra size. If the straps are digging in or falling off of your shoulder, you need a new bra. If the back strap is riding up then you need a new bra.

For many years now I have been getting a bra fitting as your breasts can change in size. Departments stores do not carry all of the sizes available, so you have to go to a bra fitting boutique. It is a great investment.

Today I went to Change and purchased four new bras as I needed some new. I had noticed for a while that my bras were too big. My band size and cup size had changed.

Change has stores in Canada, Scandanavia, Europe and the Middle East. Join Club Change and get 10% off everything. It is free to sign up.

Another store that I like is Secrets From Your Sister located in Toronto Canada.

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