Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I decided that this would be the weekend that I would start my spring cleaning. 

The first task that I started with was getting rid of a small book shelf that I had that was stacked with old Martha Stewart magazines from 2002 to 2008. I have attempted many times to get rid of the magazines, but there were so many. It took many hours, but it is finally done. I pulled out any crafts or recipes that I would like to try.

Sometimes I hold onto magazines even if I have already read them. There may have been some that I never did get a chance to read. Last month I finally finished reading last years September issue of Vogue.

The next task will be my makeup:

(1) I have a bowl filled with lip balms

(2) Nail polish - get rid of anything that is separated

(3) Mascara - throw out anything that may have an odd smell or has clumps

I should tackle my closet (top and bottom) where some of my handbags are kept, but that is too much work.

Maybe next weekend I will go through my clothes to see what I need for the summer. I specifically need items that are not BLACK.

Any items that I do not want that are in good condition will either go to my family and friends or co-workers.

I know that everyone is waiting for me to get of some handbags. 

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