Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pretty blue box

I accompanied a friend to Tiffany's recently to pick out a ring for her birthday. I had had some bad luck with rings. I lost two rings last year. I have this habit of taking off my rings when I wash my hands in public washrooms. I must have left the rings on the counter and not remembered to put them back on. I stopped wearing rings after the second incident. I lost a cool ring from Moonrox that I bought at the spring One of A Kind Show in 2007. After our shopping excursion, I decided that I wanted a ring. I decided that I would only buy a ring if Birks had one of their 20-60% off sales. Wouldn't you know it, I get an email that there is a sale and the ring that I wanted was 50% off. 

I went to Birks at Bay & Bloor last Thursday. Unfortunately, they did not have the ring in stock. The staff were so nice. I was even offered water - the choice of spring water or perrier. Why can't all sales staff be that nice. The salesperson offered to call other stores to see if they had the ring in stock. I was thirsty so I drank my water while the salesperson was busy on the phone. The Birks in the First Canadian Place had the ring. I went to pick it up on Friday. When I got home I looked at the box. It was so beautiful. I did not want to open it. It was 24 hours later when I finally opened the box and put on the ring. It is quite different. I prefer having items that many people will have. It is quite unique.

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