Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dead Bra Day Sale

With Dead Bra Day Sale fast approaching on February 13th, 2009, we recommend you come in and make a wish list of a few items so you don’t have to wait for change rooms!
Are you going to want something sexy? Are you going to want something practical? Do you need a sports bra? Does your outfit warrant a strapless bra?
Bring in one used, unworn, poorly fit bra (well washed, can be from any store) and receive 25% off one new bra that is regular price! (25% off applies to one bra only)
The matching panties (if in stock) are 25% off too!
Buy two bras and get a free 14oz bottle of Soak to help protect your investment!
Get rid of the old, worn, ill fitting bras and treat yourself to a fresh new one! Valentine’s Day is the next day, have some fun!

What is Dead Bra Day Sale – this sale is to encourage women to clean out the old bras that don’t get worn and if they do they don’t make us feel the best we can. On this day secrets from your sister will take those ‘dead’ bras from you and give you a discount on a new bra. The donated bras that are gently worn then get donated to Sistering. The bras too ‘dead’ to donate will get laid to rest.

Hours Friday February 13th, 2009

560 Bloor Street West
10am - 9pm
2501 Yonge Street
11am - 9pm
*please note the fit room sign up sheet closes around 8pm
**we recommend bring a book or a friend or both as the waits can be long.
There will be plenty of chairs for your convenience and Letterei will be offering a ‘special’ for all our customers!!!!
***best time to arrive 11am


One shopper who purchases a new bra will win a free bra and panty set of her choice! There will be one winner per location.

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