Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A thought came to me that I may have substituted my bag fetish for massages. I went for my first massage of the year this afternoon. When I started working full-time many years ago I would buy a bag every month. They were all impulse buys. Now I am not so quick to buy a bag. If I see a handbag in a magazine or online, I will go to the store and get a better look at it. I am looking for a bag that will be an investment piece that will last for years.

I get deep tissue massages which are not relaxing. They can be painful at times. I was actually trying to compose this blog while I was getting my massage. My mind wanders during the massage, but it is so hard to relax with someone's elbow in your back.

Year to date:

Massage    1

Handbags   0

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