Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Need A Fairy Godmother

I need a fairy godmother that can magically make comfortable shoes in my size appear. I think salespeople in shoe stores know that they will not be able to make a sale, that is why they don't try to help me. Last year I bought a pair of shoes from Balisi on College Street in Toronto. I went into the store and it was packed so I left. I returned a couple hours later and it was not busy. I explained to the staff that I hate buying shoes and I cannot find anything in my size and I don't wear heals. A salesperson found me a pair of shoes that I did not think would fit or be comfortable. I love that pair of shoes, but I can't wear them in the summer.

I bought one pair of shoes this year and they are so uncomfortable. Shoes always feel good in the store, but once I wear them outside the pain is unbearable. I cannot find anything that I like that fits. There are so many end of season sales on right now and I am stuck wearing ugly sandals.

I am planning to visit the store again to see if I can find another pair of shoes.

Balisi - Footwear, Handbags, Clothing & Accessories

Three locations:

College Store

668 College St.
Toronto, ON

M6G 1B8

Queen St. Store

711 Queen St. W.

Toronto, ON

M6J 1E6

Danforth Store

439 Danforth Avenue.
Toronto, ON

M4K 1P1

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