Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winners Paris Tote Bag

On my way to the grocery store this morning I decided to go to Winners, which is conveniently located next door. I have not gone shopping for clothes for a very long time. I don't count the times that I buy stuff at Joe Fresh as it is located in the grocery store.

When I walked in to the store the first thing I saw was this reusable tote bag.  I knew I had to have it. I am obsessed with Paris. It was only $1.49.

Earlier this week I purchased the Roots Daily Tote Bag from Chapters Indigo. It is the perfect size for carrying my lunch and my Kobo eReader.

I will have to start getting rid of some of my tote bags. They can no longer fit in the container that I keep them in. The pile is really high.
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