Sunday, January 9, 2011

Black Swan

Three ballet dancers performing a grand jeté jumpImage via Wikipedia
I have not seen the actually movie Black Swan or the ballet. 

I was looking for a new activity to keep me motivated to work out. I still do pilates, but I am very bored at the gym. My chiropractor suggested doing a spinning class or ballet. She had suggested ballet before and I thought that she was joking.

I have never tried a spinning class, but the thought of it scares me. I have signed up for an Absolute Beginners Ballet class. The first class was this past Friday.  I hope that I survive the classes.  

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meg0705 said...

Ballet is an amazing way to exercise. I used to take ballet classes when I was younger and enjoyed them very much. If you end up not liking ballet there's another dance related excerise routine called zumba. It's got more of an urban feel to it.

The Bag Lady said...

I wanted to take a zumba class, but my chiropractor told me that it would be too hard on my knees. After the first ballet class I was surprised that I could walk the next day.

meg0705 said...

Yeah, they're both pretty demanding on your joints. Unfortunately a lot of exercise is. Good luck finding something that works for you, and I really hope you enjoyed the ballet. It's got a fond place in my heart.

The Bag Lady said...

I definitely agree that most exercises are hard on your knees. Never thought that I would be taking a ballet class at 40.

Perdita said...

I loved ballet. Unfortunately I injured my foot and it became painful to work en pointe or for long periods of time, so I couldn't pursue it as my main form of dance after that.

It's an amazing dance form - the focus on individual muscles and the work that goes into making things look tiny and effortless is amazing. It's a training for the mind as well as the body.