Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mission: Impossible

I was on a mission today to find a bag. At lunch time I went to Winners near my office to try to find a bag. No luck.

Yesterday I saw someone with a Coach bag (in black) that I had only seen once.


I went to Holt Renfrew after work, but I did not see the bag. I decided to check out the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. I did not see any bags that I really loved. I decided to make one more stop before I went home. I went to the Winners down the street from Holt Renfrew. The bag selection at that store is better than the Winners near my office. I looked and looked, but nothing called my name. When I see a bag that I really like it just calls out to me and says "buy me". There were a few bags that were alright, but I did not want to buy a bag for the sake of buying one.

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