Saturday, June 6, 2009


The website is a personal shopper that searches thousands of brands to find fashions in your style and size.  The Stylyzer results are based on your preferences from a series of images presented.

My Stylyzer Results

Classic Preppy

J. Crew thanks you for your business. Your closet has an array of timeless cardigans and chic flats. Prim & proper but never stuffy, you pride yourself on being pulled together like iconic prepsters Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon.

Wardrobe Influences

Classic Professional

You understand that dressing professional is more than donning a power suit. From impeccably tailored pieces to sleek bags that fit all your essentials, your look reflects your take-charge attitude.

Classic Modern

You combine timeless pieces with contemporary silhouettes. Wardrobe staples in a mod color palette line your closet. Your flair for distinguishing what's fleeting and what is timeless from today's trends epitomizes classic sophistication.

I have never categorized my style before. I just try to buy clothes that fit. At my age I try to stay away from trendy clothes. I refuse to wear anything from the 80's. I lived through the 80's. I cannot wear neon colours or leggings again.

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