Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lululemon return policy

Circuit Gym Bag  Grey ($86.00)

When I decided that I was going to try hot yoga I wanted to look for a new yoga bag that could hold my yoga mat, towel, workout clothes and water bottle. I happened to be in the Eaton Centre, so I went into Lululemon. I bought the bag shown above. It seemed small, but I thought that it would expand when filled. The yoga mat would go on the outside of the bag through the two straps. I filled the bag and placed the mat through the straps. The bag was too heavy. I have a bag back (that is aggravated by carrying heavy bags) so I decided not to use the bag. I could not decide if I should return the bag or not. The return policy is return or exchange for merchandise within 2 weeks of purchase with the tags attached and/or in original packaging. Original receipt is required for full refund. I hate returning items. I decided this morning to call before going to the store. I explained that when I purchased the bag that I was asked whether I wanted a bag to carry the bag. It did not make sense to get a bag so the salesperson cut off the tag. I assumed it was in the bag. When I got home it was not in the bag. I did not think it was an issue until I decided to return the bag. At the store the salesperson said that this one time she would give me a refund. It was not my fault that the salesperson cutoff the tag and did not give it to me. This is a warning to anyone who buys a bag at Lululemon or any other store. Do not have the tag(s) removed from an item unless you are sure that you are going to keep it. I do that with clothing.


MJDonato said...

Lululemon has a terrible return policy! I bought a Christmas present for a friend, but she wasn't able to even try it on until after the 14 days. She couldn't exchange it with her gift receipt, and I couldn't exchange it with my original receipt! Don't ever buy a gift at Lululemon, especially if you're an early Christmas shopper. Lululemon doesn't care about customer needs. In fact, I think their sizes run small because they like to screw their customers out of money. They're the worst place you can buy yoga apparel for friends. I'm keeping my receipts in case there is a lawsuit. I hate Lululemon!

Anonymous said...

MJDonato is right. I just returned an item because it shrunk and faded after drying according to their care instructions (I'd worn it twice). The sales clerk made me TRY IT ON to prove, prove to her that I wasn't lying. My husband was with me and he even agrees it was the oddest way to treat a customer (but the best way to lose a customer for life).