Sunday, July 20, 2008

Skin Care Routine

On Friday I was in Holt Renfrew at the YSL cosmetics counter. Within a span of 5 minutes I was told that I had great skin - twice by the salespeople and once by a customer. I thought that they were crazy. I always find something wrong with my skin. I look in the mirror and see large pores, dark circles under my eyes and pimples. My skin care routine has changed over the years, but I always go back to H2O plus. When I was a teenager I used Noxema to clean my face. I later tried Clinique, but was unhappy with the products. I found that the toner's dried out my skin and the moisturizer was too heavy. I have also tried Aveda, Kiehl's, Neutrogena, Lancome, Biotherm and Shiseido. I have had a hard time finding products for combination skin. The following is my skin care routine twice a day:

Cleanser - Face Oasis Cleansing Water

Toner - Marine Toner

Moisturizer - Face Oasis Hydrating Gel

Exfoliator - Sea Mineral Scrub (twice a week)

Mask - Sea Mineral Mud Mask (once a week)

I have also tried the Olive Stones Natural Scrub from Korres which I use once a week.

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