Monday, August 25, 2008

Coach Wallets at Winners

When you go to the store Winners you never know what you will find. That is what I love about the store. Today I went in just to see if they had anymore summer clothes on sale. The store was a mess with all of the summer items on clearance, and new fall/winter clothes on the racks. I was tired and did not want to spent too much time browsing, so I went over to the bag section. I did not see anything interesting. I went over to the wallet section. I always change my wallet a couple of times a year out of boredom. I found two coach wallets in the pile. I got excited for a moment. They were both $99.99. The logo wallet was regular $228 and the brown leather was regular $218. I decided not to buy them as they were not the styles I was looking for. No more impulse buys. They will most likely be gone by tomorrow.

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