Saturday, January 9, 2010

Down With Winter

If I had known how cold it was going to be this winter I would have purchased a warmer winter coat. My winter coat is nice, but it was not  meant to be worn in -25 C weather.  It is extremely cold in Toronto this year. This will be a long and cold winter.

I would really like to get a down filled winter coat, however it is quite difficult to find  winter coat this time of year and in my size. The only winter coats that can find are available on line. I have never purchased clothing online. I always try on any piece of clothing that I purchase.

Land's End Women's Plus Size Morgan Down Coat $79.99

Land's End Women's Plus Size Dory Long Down Coat $189.50


Kitty said...

funny; I was looking at the same coat the other day!

The Bag Lady said...

I purchased a peacoat today. It is not a down coat, but hopefully it will be warmer than the coat I am wearing now. My old coat was purchased in Paris. I don't think their winters get as cold as it does in Toronto.