Sunday, April 11, 2010

iPad vs. iPhone


Images from Apple website

I love my iPod Touch, but I really want an iPhone. The reason that I have not purchased one yet is that I am currently in a 3 year contract with my cellphone provider. I have 11 months left on the contract.

The only difference that I can see between the iPod Touch and the iPhone is the internet service and camera. I am able to access the internet and email using Wi-Fi. The only thing that would stop me from getting an iPhone would be the monthly costs. I have a great plan. I only pay $28.25 a month including tax. I really don't want to pay more.

When I heard that Apple was going to announce a new product I was very excited. There were rumours that it would be tablet device. When I read that the device was called the iPad I could not believe the name and size of the product. It definitely was named by a man. Secondly, the size of the iPad was shocking. We actually pulled out rulers to see how long 9.7 inches was. It did not seem practical for travelling on a crowded bus or subway. 

The iPad was released last weekend in the United States. My interest has grown again. In the past week I have been asked whether I planned to purchase the iPad. Others seemed more interested in the product than I did. 

It would make sense for surfing the internet or watching videos. However, I would not use it for reading books. Personally I like reading books on paper, turning the pages and reviewing the front and back covers. 

I cannot purchase both the iPhone and the iPad. I have some time to think about it. When the iPad comes to Canada I will visit the Apple store to play around with it. Until then I will continue to enjoy my iPod Touch.

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