Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vanilla Fudge Body Meringue

Since I have been wearing the Spa Sisters Vanilla Body Meringue, I have received many compliments. I have been told that I smell really good. I was surprised when someone told me that I smelled good at 4:30pm. The scent of the body meringue lasted all day considering I put it on at 7:00am. I highly recommend this product.

Spa Sisters - handmade bath & spa products

Size: 125ml  $15.00      250ml $25.00

I also won another pair of the tickets to the One of A Kind Christmas Show for responding to a question on Twitter asking what was your favourite purchase. The body meringue was my favourite purchase. 

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Spa Sister said...

Vanilla Fudge is one of my FAVES too!