Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lucky Finds

Today I found two items that I was not expecting to buy when I went to the mall. I went to Winners on my break to find some mittens. No such luck. What did catch my eye was the display at the front of the store. It was the Yoga Mate by Savasa. It is like a natural towel that can absorb sweat when it is placed over the yoga mat. This will come in handy when I go to hot yoga classes. It will be a lot easier than carrying a bulky beach towel. I have only gone to one class this year, but I intend you go more often in 2009.

I was unable to find the yoga mate on the Savasa website: www.savasayoga.com. However, I was able to find it on Amazon.

After work I decided to go to the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto to purchase exfoliator at H2O+. What a mistake. The mall was packed. I decided to go to The Body Shop before heading to the subway. I found the Mini Cosmetic Pouch that was on sale for $6.00. It is a good size and can hold several lip glosses. It is quite cute.

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