Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stylish Tech Apps

Your stylish lifestyle does not only exist in the fabulous clothes you wear or the newest "it" bag. You can carry your stylish lifestyle in the palm of your hands. I used to carry a palm pilot for many years. Now y iPod Touch has taken over the role of my pda. I keep my agenda, todo lists, grocery lists, games,  etc... on my iPod Touch. 

There are so many applications on the iTunes App Store from travel, lifestyle, productivity, and entertainment.  You can also find applications for the stylish girl in you.

These are a few of my suggestions:

From Lucky magazine you can browse the latest shoe fashions from the spring shoe guide. You have the ability to check the price, store and location near you. I am not a shoe person so this application does not interest me, but I know there are many people who would love the application.

At you can have the latest runway shows in the palm of your hand. The application also has information on parties, style videos and a style blog.

Stylish Girl is a style planner. You can take pictures of the items that you own and organize them to create outfits, plan for a vacation, and create a wish list.

Last but not least is SplashShopper. I have used this application for many years. I used it on every palm pilot that I owned, and was very happy when it was made available for the iPod Touch/iPhone. The desktop for SplashShopper also allows you to update the lists in the application and sync with the the iPod Touch/iPhone. The application allows you to manage your grocery list, books, movies, music, and more.


Lucky Magazine - -

Stylish Girl -

SplashData (SplashShopper, SplashID, SplashMoney) -

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