Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Psnob (pronounced: snob) handbags are one of a kind and limited edition handbags. Designer Rebecca Robinson's handbags are a work of art. With a background in art, art history, printmaking, photography, graphic design and advertising, they are not just a handbag, but a fine art investment.
"Women should not have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars for handbags that aren't guaranteed to remain exclusive. Psnob® is a handbag that enables women to express their individual style and that's a powerful tool." Artist Rebecca Robinson, creator and designer of psnob® said. "I wanted to use my fine arts background in an inimitable way, and tapping into the fashion industry was an avenue that would be very rewarding."
The Psnob Clutch Gwenny Collection:

Prima: One of a Kind

Imprimatur: Limited Edition Print

Ultima: Made to Order

The handbags range in price from $300 to $1200 (U.S.). T-shirts are also now available for sale for $20.00.

For more information about psnob®, or to schedule an interview with the designer, please contact Rebecca Robinson directly at 678.622.5221 or by email at rrobinson@psnob.com. 

Website: http://www.psnob.com/

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